Nakatani Gong Orchestra

Master percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani returns to San Diego with a solo performance and his Nakatani Gong Orchestra, Sunday, May 19 at Bread & Salt. Buy your tickets today! Limited space available. Ticket purchase link below.

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The NAKATANI GONG ORCHESTRA – NGO – is a nomadic, large ensemble contemporary sound art project. Local musicians are trained in Nakatani’s technique for playing his adapted bowed Gong, and he conducts them in a performance of his original composition.

For each unique performance, participating NGO players (musicians) are selected by a local presenter. Nakatani gives a specialized rehearsal to the players in preparation for the performance. There is no expectation of previous experience playing a gong. Nakatani instructs the players in his unique techniques for bowing the gong and following his method of conducting. It is important to note that this project is not a traditional music program or traditional Japanese music, it is a contemporary sound art project.