Xavier Ramirez is a shapeshifter, an intellectual chameleon, a doomsday mirror. His performances are beyond ritualistic. Far beyond performance art into terrifying physical demonstrations. Half urban tumult, half freak-show soliloquy. Although his live landscapes appear ramshackle, decrepit and full of disorder, every movement, every syllable is carefully placed on the table for a force-fed consumption.

Xavier’s new limited edition compact disc, LA DESGRACIA OF ASSEY RETAS: 50/50 DEVOURED BY PERRITOS is available NOW on Stay Strange records. Mutilated drum machine and crippled beats. $7.00 ppd in the US. Order on the Stay Strange Bandcamp here!


XR “UUPIII” Solo Art Show

Stay Strange presents Seal Of Disapproval 

Low Gallery  – August 21, 2015

Make Music Day – Balboa Park 2015

Blind:Deaf IV – Live scoring Running Time (FR)


Mahala Magazine 


Sunday, August 21 – Bread & Salt – 8:00 pm – $5.00 with Monochromacy and Justice Yeldham


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