Past Stay Strange shows!


Sunday, February 12 with Asha Sheshadri and Monochromacy – Kava Gallery

Sunday, March 11 with Glen N. Bekc and Damballa’s Toybox –  Kava Gallery

Sunday, April 15 with Aztlan Underground Unearthed and the MJZ’s. – Kava Gallery

Sunday, May 13 with Riververb, Actuary and Gerritt Wittmer – Kava Gallery

Saturday, June 9 – June Gloom 2012 with Bastard Noise, A&P, ANA / and Tabloid – Kava Gallery

Sunday, July 8 with DOT and Hirsch – Kava Gallery

Sunday, August 12 – New Vocables I with Stephanie Aston, Generik and XvoxX – Kava Gallery

Sunday, September 9 with Broth Goard and Cathedral X – Kava Gallery

Sunday, October 14 with The Armory Show and No Fancy – Kava Gallery

Sunday, December 9 with Curtis/Glatter/Nathan Hubbard and Marcelo Radulovich – Kava Gallery


Saturday, January 26 with Bobby Bray and  Scott Nielsen –  Space 4 Art


Friday, March 22 – Persono (Experimental Guitar Show per-show) – Space 4 Art classroom

Saturday, March 23 – San Diego Experimental Guitar show with Scott Nielsen, Bart Stull, Clint Davis, Demetrius Antuna, Rafter and Wages – Soda Bar

Saturday, April 13 with Author & Punisher, Isolde Touch and (last minute addition) Ides Of Gemini – Space 4 Art (outside stage)

Saturday, May 11 with Kuda-Gitsune and Gunther’s Grass – Space 4 Art

Sunday, June 2– Stay Strange Sundays  with 10shun, Bruisecaster and Randy Chiurazzi – The Void

Sunday, June 30 – Stay Strange Sundays with Monochromacy, Generik and No Know (Sound Band)

Friday, August 9 with Wreck and Reference, California Bleeding and Ripped Bodies – Kava Lounge

Saturday, September 7 – International Cassette Tape Day with Monochromacy– M-Theory

Monday, September 16  Metal Monday’s with Hell and Zsa Zsa Gabor – The Void

Saturday, September 21 – Malcolm X Experimental Music Festival  with Author & Punisher, Swarmius, Scott Nielsen, David Krysl/Trevor Jones, Bald Beast, Louis Damian/Nathan Hubbard, Tenshun and Reg E. Gaines – Malcolm X Library

Saturday, October 19 with Eliot Alan Walnut and Theatre Of Opposition – Kava Gallery

Saturday, November 16 – I Eat People I (Children’s Monster Art) – Space 4 Art classroom

Saturday, December 7 – Winter Wonderland with Sean Francis Conway, Marcelo Radulovich, Monochromacy, Meghann Welsh, Scott Nielsen, M.J. Stevens and China Town – Westfield Plaza Camino Real


Friday, January 10 with Steve Flato and Monochromacy – Craftlab Gallery

Saturday, January 25 – Slow Death I with Looming, China Town, Steps Spiral Downward (Nathan Hubbard), Isolde Touch, Actuary and Aquapuke. Pig Life cancelled. California Bleeding played instead. Fatima Courreax (tarot) and Funeral Dirge (DJ set) – Che Café

Monday, January 27 with The Seesaw Ensemble featuring Elliot Levin and the Nathan Hubbard Quintet – Kava Lounge

Saturday, February 15 with Cabuloan, Corima, Die Missbildungen Des Menschen and Theatre Of Opposition – The Bancroft

Saturday, March 22 with Batwings, Tron, Seis Muerte and Skrapez – The Bancroft

Saturday, March 29 – San Diego Experimental Guitar show with GLEN GALLOWAY, SANTINO ROMERI, VABIANNA SANTOS with CLINT MCCALLUM, T PUTNAM HILL and DAVID LIPSON – Soda Bar

Saturday, April 26 – Peculiar Percussion I with Nathan Hubbard, Brandon Relf (Fuck Drums), M.J. Stevens and Orgasmatron – Space 4 Art

Friday, May 16 with JE Double F, Tenshun, XR and Dean Moore (who never showed up) – The Bancroft

Saturday, May 24 – New Vocables II with AEDWYRRDE LANCSAUBRE AL-HAZRED and KARL BLAU – Space 4 Art classroom

Saturday, June 7 – Art Around Adams with M.J. Stevens and Xavier Ramirez

Friday, June 13 with Sutekh Hexen, Riververb, Penis Hickey and Eddie the Blade – The Bancroft

Saturday, June 14 with STEVE FLATO (tape release party), MONOCHROMACY and CIRCUIT RIDER – Space 4 Art classroom

Saturday, June 21 – STAY STRANGE presents BLIND:DEAF I – Experimental Video / Live Scoring featuring Michael Trgilio, Asha Sheshadri, Esteban Flores, Jamie Shadowlight, Lily Sheng and !ZeuqsaV! – Media Arts Center

Saturday, June 28 – STAY STRANGE at FIGMENT PROJECT in Chicano Park –Noise machines by Scott Nielsen

Saturday, July 26 – Seal of Disapproval: Deviancy and Delinquency with M.J. Stevens, Tenshun, Xavier Ramirez and more – Space 4 Art classroom

Saturday, August 16  – Checked Out  with Die Missbildungen Des Menschen, Bobby Bray, Monochromacy, Faro, No Know (Sound Band), Scott Paulson, No Fancy and Starvelab. With Jason Rogalski and workshop with Scott Nielsen and Bobby Bray – Central Library

Friday, September 12 with Xavier Ramirez (CD release), Randy Chiurazzi and Son of Radul – The Bancroft

Saturday, October 11 with Michael Zimmerman and Les Temps Barbares – Space 4 Art classroom

Saturday, October 18 – Blind Deaf II with Steve Flato scoring Nathan Hubbard, Armando De La Torre scoring Omar Lopez, Michael Zimmerman scoring Ash Eliza Smith, Pablo Dodero scoring !Zeuqsav!, Motherfucker Redeemer scoring Marcelo Radulovich, Secret Fun Club scoring Natalia Valerdi – Moxie Theatre

Saturday, December 20 – End of the Year Party with M.J. Stevens, Meghann Welsh and Meyer Hirsch – The Black Cat Bar


Saturday, January 10 – I Eat People II (Children’s Monster Art)– Mission Valley Library

Saturday, January 17th with Michael Zimmerman, El Muerto De Tijuana and Les Temps Barbares – 1250 Club In partnership with Ex Rey Presents

Saturday, February 21 – Slow Death II with Monochromacy, Michael Zimmerman, Alan Jones, Francisco Eme, Serious Runners (Nathan Hubbard, Scott Nielsen and Loius Damian), Low Filth, Fatima Courroux (tarot) and 10shun. M.J. Stevens “Corpse” portraits – Space 4 Art

Saturday, March 21 – The San Diego Experimental Guitar Show with Mudhead, Joileah Concepcion, All The Pretty Horses, Steve Flato and Hirsch The Machine Hirsch – Soda Bar

Friday, March 13 with Die Missbildungen Des Menschen, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Gaspar and Angel Peralta –  1250 Club (TJ)

Tuesday, April 7 with Like A Villain and Translation On/Off – San Diego Center for the Arts

Thursday, April 23 – Peculiar Percussion II with Leah Bowden, Santino Romeri and Generik and Andrew Bracken – The Hideout

Thursday, May 14 with Jorge Arana Trio and Hubbard/Salazar/Karangas – San Diego Center for the Arts

Sunday, May 24 – Strange Sundays with Yours Truly Jane Palmer, Alan Jones/Steve Flato and Xavier Ramirez(CD release party) – Kava Lounge

Thursday, June 4 – June Gloom Volume I with Innerds, Tron, Self Esteem, Zsa Zsa Gabor with visuals by !Zeuqsav! and DJ Operating Thetan – The Hideout

Saturday, June 6 – Noise Picnic with Eyeball Jackson, Meyer Hirsch/Lou Damian and Andrew Bracken – Kensington-Normal Heights Library

Friday, June 19 – June Gloom Volume II with Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Riververb, Barrows, Yours Truly Jane Palmer – The Hideout

Saturday, June 21 – Make Music Day with Monochromacy in the Saint Francis Chapel, Xavier Ramirez in Palm Canyon and Michael Zimmerman in the Japanese Friendship Garden – Balboa Park

Saturday, June 27 – Figment – Chicano Park

Sunday, June 28 with Damballa’s Toybox, Electric Division and Surf Cactus – Kava Lounge

Friday, August 21 with Tourian, Atarii,  Starvelab and Xavier Ramirez (CD Release) – Low Gallery



Saturday, September – Strange Waves #3 with ZACHARY BAKER, HOLY GALLOWS,  ESTEBAN FLORES and  DIE MIßBILDUNGEN DES MENSCHEN – The Tree House

Friday, October 16 with Abstracter, Dead Ghosts and Monochromacy – The Tree House

Saturday, October 24 – Checked Out 2015 with Two Moons Merging, M.J. Stevens, Cooper Baker, Lsanigav, Bonnie Lander, Michael Zimmerman, Scorn Reflection and DJ Tenshun. With the Fern Street Circus, The Mission Photobooth and Xavier Ramirez in the courtyard. Central Library


Sunday, January 3 with Crow Squawk, Les Temps Barbares, The Blues and Funeral Dirge – The Tree House

Friday, February 26 with Steve Flato and John Noble – Krakatoa

Sunday, August 21 with Justice Yeldham, Xavier Ramirez and Monochromacy – Bread & Salt

Monday, September 26 with Xavier Ramirez, Pregnant and Slorig – The Merrow

Saturday, October 29 – Checked Out 2016 with Author & Punisher, Skrapez, Motherfucker Redeemer, Planet B with Les Temps Barbares and Steve Flato / Scott Nielsen in the courtyard. With Build a Beast by Martin Ontiveros – Central Library


Tuesday, January 10 with Nick Lesley/Matt Mottel, Arnie Schoenberg, Yours Truly Jane Palmer Jimmy Jazz – Cultura Gallery

Saturday, May 13 – Figment (with M.J Stevens guitar creations)– Chicano Park

Saturday, July 29 with Zsa Zsa Gabor (final show) and Beware We Are The Werewolves of Belial – Helmuth Projects

Saturday, October 28 – Something Strange This Way Comes – With Jeff Terich, Mandy Galarza, Patrick Loveland, Clint McCallum, Julia Evans reading. M.J. Stevens, Brittanny Graves, Leah Bowden and Pablo Dodero live scoring. Sew Loka

Wednesday, November 8 with Hidhawk, Yours Truly Jane Palmer – Helmuth Projects


Sunday, January 7 – Slow Death III – with Skrapez, Monochromacy, S O L V, White Eyes, Proud/Father, Dolce, Funeral Dirge, Jonathan Piper and Nao Kobayashi. Yours Truly Jane Palmer (DJ) – Helmuth Projects

Saturday, March 31 – Hand Of God: Conceptualizing Spirituality Through Experimental Music with Bill Orcutt, Tatsuya Nakatani, Monochromacy , no know (sound band) and Codex Confiteor – The North Chapel

Saturday, April 21 – An Afternoon with Stay Strange with Yours Truly Jane Palmer, Thomas Walsh, Misty Sunglow and SOLV – Rancho Penasquitos Public Library

Wednesday, April 25 – JE Double F, KemTrell, Tenshun, Those Darn Gnomes and Chris PVC Mosher – Til-Two Club

Tuesday, May 15 – A Night of Noise Music with Misery Ritual, Monochromacy, Ritual Chair, Those Darn Gnomes and The Fowers – Kava Lounge

Friday, May 18 – In conjunction with University Centers, Mdou Moctar and Sun Araw – The Loft / UCSD

Wednesday, May 23 – Ambiger and SOLV – Donut Panic

Saturday, June 30 – In conjunction with Axiom Sound System, AxiomStrangorium featuring Pruitt Igoe, Misty Sunglow, The Sorcerer Family, Those Darn Gnomes, SOLV and Codex Confiteor – IDEA1

Thursday, July 5 – A Night of Noise Music with SOLV, Morher, Kole Galbraith, Yours Truly Jane Palmer and Misty Sunglow – Space

Saturday, July 14 – Birthday Show with Cheese Chasers – Space

Saturday, July 14 – In conjunction with Inner Void, Nightmare, SOLV, Desolator and White Boy Scream – The Bancroft

Tuesday, August 7 – The Sorcerer Family and Farhad Bahrami – Donut Panic

Friday, August 10 – In conjunction with power_lunch recording corporation, Tenshun,  Azuresands大麻, W0rk and Giveaway – Soda Bar

Monday, October 8 – Monochromacy, Entresol, Dalembert & The Sorcerer Family – San Diego Content Partners

Saturday, October 20 – Checked Out 2019 – Experimental Music Festival – San Diego – Central Library

Saturday, October 27 – I Eat People III: Children’s Monster Art Show – Mission Valley Library
Saturday, February 23 – Slow Death IV – THE FRONT Arte Cultura – San Ysidro
Sunday, May 19 – The Nakatani Gong Orchestra – Bread & Salt
Saturday, October 26 – Checked Out 2019 Noise, Folk and World Music
Festival – Central Library
Friday, November 1 – Night Of The Dead – Black Cat Bar
Sunday, November 27 – Alessandro Cortini and Monochromacy – The Loft at UCSD


Saturday, July 17 – North Park Street Fair – Stay Strange Publishing booth with noise readings by MJ Stevens and Ketcel soundtrack by e.g. phosphate (Chad Deal)