Stay Strange in October

Stay Strange, will be curating an adventurous FREE music program mixing unique genres of artists from San Diego and Los Angeles.

The themes for this year’s event are traditions, rituals and storytelling. Traditions through the cultural process of performing music, rituals by the sequence of the song and storytelling through the movement of the music. For this year’s event, you can expect heavy percussive world and global music, mysterious folkloric instrumentals and mesmerizing shadow play performances.

In addition to the music program, there will be a Lost At Sea Shadow Puppet Workshop in the library courtyard.

Stay Strange Records presents the DEBUT album by San Diego’s only medieval organum tuba and voice duo Codex Confiteor.

This release explores the themes of rupture, loss and dissolution utilizing treated tuba, voice, oboe, saw and the accordion. It’s a heavy monster sound, monolithic and foreboding, yet musicians Jonathan Piper and Meghann Welsh create passages of beauty and serenity.

Syncope will be available digitally and in a limited edition cassette tape on November 1.

Pre-order your copy now here.