Slow Death IV is back!!!

SD IV poster

The mother of all noise shows is back and it’s more disgusting than ever. And for the first time, we are adding art vendors!

This time, Slow Death IV will be held at The Front in San Ysidro. Super excited about that. Here’s what we have planned for you!

Honk Kong Fuck You: Spastic fast-core from Tijuana, Mexico.

Helixhand: Audiovisual and electronic music glitchwaves.

Moment Trigger: Industrial noise techno from Los Angeles.

The Sorcerer Family: Occult electric ukulele.

Sore Sisters: Experimental violinist (Nicole Faramita) and media artist (Nasim Biglari) duet.

Codex Confiteor: Doom-Organum tuba voice duo.

With a special video performance by 321Andromeda and !ZeuqsaV!

And art by Metal Mexican19, Sara Jean Potatoes, Visual Malaise, Armageddon Arts, Ego Death and Alexis Avena.

$8.00 – ALL AGES – Noon-8:00 PM