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Monochromacy is fronted by veteran noise artist Esteban Flores. Mr. Flores creates dynamic and atmospheric guitar improvisations colored with shades of grim undertones.

One listen to his music will take you on an incredible journey. His passages are uncomfortable, others soothing. This is the awesome power that Monochromacy generates. From a faint gasp to the roar of fire of the gates of Hell.

Threatening yet gentle, doom yet hopeful. this is truly meditation music for the end times.


Living Posture on Stay Strange Records, 2018

Live Isolated on New Body, 2016

Cement Cathedrals on Stay Strange Records, 2013

Sole Hymns self released, 2014

MMXII re-released on Grimore Cassette Cvlture, 2014

Triumph Wither self released, 2010


Cement Cathedrals review by Cvlt Nation

Live Video

Fun Again Games, Eugene, OR – 04/08/2018

Space Bar – 07/17

Space 4 Art – Slow Death – Noise Music Festival – 02/21/2015

The Bancroft 05/24/2014 

Ship In The Woods – 10/24/2014

Ruby Room – 08/19/2012

Music Video

Asleep In The Belly Of The Beast by Ryan Legge


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