Esteban Flores created the loathe-drone Monochromacy as a need to explore the duality of his psyche. Forces both dark and light created a sense of dread that only Esteban’s monolithic waves of sound could properly exorcise. Listening (and literally feeling) to those crushing yet strangely comforting notes and chords, one cannot fathom that this godly work is being produced only with an electric guitar. Grim yet gentle, doom yet hopeful. this is truly meditation music for the end times.


Cement Cathedrals on Stay Strange Records 2013

Sole Hymns self released 2014

MMXII re-released on Grimore Cassette Cvlture 2014


Cement Cathedrals review by Cvlt Nation


The Bancroft 05/24/2014 

Ship In The Woods – 10/24/2014

Ruby Room – 08/19/2012

MonoC ampz


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