KETCEL, a psychedelic post-cyberpunk adventure! AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our new Stay Strange Publishing novel, Ketcel by Chad Deal, are now available!

Ketcel is an absurdist, hopeful-dystopian, psychedelic post-cyberpunk adventure, inspired by the half-truths of history, current events, and all-too-possible futures. 

This story is in the tradition of authors such as William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Greg Egan, using an absurdist near-future to talk about current events, politics, border dynamics, and a little bit of philosophy. Think Black Mirror with a sense of humor, set in San Diego’s backyard (Jacumba, TJ, Mexicali, and many places in between).

But we also have an equally out of this world, totally brain frying soundtrack on cassette tape to go along with the book and that is available now.

Ketcel by e.g. phosphate (Chad Deal) is the soundtrack to the psychedelic post-cyberpunk novel of the same name, evoking the urban, natural, and virtual landscapes of borderland Baja California and cyberspace. The author incorporates samples and compositions by Tijuana experimental musicians Haydeé Jiménez (Hidhawk), Minuit De Lacroix, and Bobby Ordoñez (1MFS) into a multi-genre journey through IDM/braindance, abstract sound design, field recordings, krautrock, breakcore, Mongolian folk, polyrhythms inspired by Haitian vodou drumming, noise, and ambient. Mastering and additional mixing by Steve Canfield (Otherr).  

For more info on the book and the author, please visit here.

To order the book and cassette tape bundle, please visit the Stay Strange Bandcamp site here. You will have three options to purchase the book and cassette tape bundle, the book alone or the tape alone.